Our company

Polyshine Innovation is a family business that was founded in 2013. With several years of experience in polishing vehicles and glass surfaces and having been trained in the various techniques used in Europe and the United States, Joël Bouillon has a high level of knowledge of surface restoration techniques.

Having managed top-notch technology companies as well as building ventilation installation projects all over Canada, Réjean Bouillon is both professional and attentive to his customers’ needs.

Our vision

Our vision for the future is for Polyshine Innovation to serve across Canada. We seek to maintain our leadership in the area of polishing and restoration of all types of transparent surfaces and stay recognized as the best on the market.

Our mission

At Polyshine Innovation, our goal is to be on the cutting edge of polishing technology. In order to do so, we are always active in research and development in order to continually exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our commitment and values

The superior quality of our products and services exceed current market standards. Our fundamental values give us the basis for our professional relationships; respecthonesty and transparency. Solid relationships with our customers allow us to maintain a faithful and enthusiastic client base proud to use our services.

The Team

Joël Bouillon

Co-founder and Owner

819 269-4333

Réjean Bouillon


Josée Allard


819 377-1766

Dave Desjardins

Technician, Instructor