Frequently Asked Questions

Any type of sealing product can be applied to cars and flying machines. Our Nano ceramic sealing product can be applied to any type of vehicle, airplane, boat, helicopter, aerial trams, luxury car or car of any type. Our sealing products can also be applied to any type of surface: metal, brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminium, anodized panels, wood, glass, polycarbonate, lexan, carbon fibre, rubber, plastic, etc.


Polyshine InnovationTM   has several types of Nano sealing products that can be used in any type of passenger compartment in any vehicle and on any type of material.

  • All types of leather
  • All types of plastic, inside and outside of vehicles
  • All types of fabric and car seats
  • All types of carpets

Industrial Nanoceramic

Polyshine InnovationMD  has Nano ceramic products with industrial high-temperature applications.

Nanotechnology is the science that works with particles of 1 to 100 nanometers in size and seeks to design products at the atomic and molecular levels. By producing a substance from an infinitely small level, characteristics such as hardness, lightness, softness, and heat-resistance can all be maximized.

The lotus effect

Our ceramic sealing product is inspired by lotus plants as well as other elements from nature. When rain falls onto a lotus flower or its leaves, a group of molecules form a drop of water, which remains at the surface of the plant without penetrating inside.

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Nano-ceramic technology

Nano-ceramic technology is an ingenious process developed in laboratory by chemists and it has already been used in Germany for many years. Introduced in Canada by our company, these high-quality products look nothing like conventional silicone-based wax or teflon and polymer sealing products used up until now. The ultra shiny and glazed effect provided by the nano-ceramic technology can be attributed to a chemical reaction between nanoparticles and the surfaces to which they are applied.

They maintain a shiny and glazed finish for many years. No volatile organic compounds (VOC)
Repels water, oil, chemicals and ice Increased protection against calcium deposits
Provides 30% more shine to glass Makes the surface of glass 60% more smooth
Natural and non-toxic for the environment Approved by several ASTM tests
G154-06 – D2244 – D2794 – JIS K5400 – D522 – B117 – F963-08 – G154-0 Water repellent
Increased resistance to impacts Lotus effect on all material
Reduces burns caused by salt and other chemicals to any type of material Chlorine cannot break through the molecules of the sealing product
Very resistant to acids, chemicals, and airplane gases Anti-friction
Anti static, excellent for helicopters and airplanes Antibacterial
Graffiti resistant Stain resistant (China ink does not stick)
Scratch resistant Ultra resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays
Corrosive resistant, protects against surface corrosion Resistant to high temperatures (up to 1204°C or 2200°F)
Makes cleaning much easier Fluoride-free
Exceptional durability, long lifespan Cleaning can be done using water and an eco-friendly soap with a neutral pH.

At Polyshine Innovation, we are not only looking to satisfy you, we are also seeking to make you happy and to give you a WOW!!! effect for many years, and not just a few days or a few weeks. Choosing to treat your vehicles and flying machines is to make a brilliant decision.

High quality waxes sold on the market are often excellent, but they only last a few weeks after which they disappear quickly and the work always needs to be redone. At Polyshine InnovationTM, we know that it is long and arduous task to wax a car. However, with a nano-ceramic sealing product, you will no longer have to shine your car because our sealing products last forever on your cars and flying machines.

In fact, you will not have to wash your car as often since dust won’t collect as much due to our nano-technology sealing product’s water repellent effect. A simple wash using soap with a neutral pH and two buckets of water will do the job for you, and you will be able to see your car or flying machine with that brand-new shine. You will always have the joy and pride of being able to ride around in a car or flying machine that always looks new and you will have more time to devote to other things in your life. The 9H ceramic sealing product will remain on your car or flying machine for its entire lifetime. Only the ability to repel water will decrease with time and after approximately 5 years, we will reapply a coat of water repellent for a fraction of the cost. Chemicals, pollution and dust will not remain on your paint but will slide off like water off the back of a duck, leaving your paint permanently shiny and glossy.

The fading of the paint on your car is mainly caused by micro-scratches. The “spider web” effect and micro-scratches present on the car’s surface generally appear after bad cleaning (with a bad cloth or a snow removal brush) on vehicles that are not protected by a sealant. The only way to remove them is to completely polish the vehicle and to protect it using a Teflon sealing product or a Polyshine Innovation ceramic seal.

All vehicles are affected: collectibles, everyday vehicles, recreational vehicles, as well as luxury vehicles. Whether they are exposed, in a warehouse, just out of the production line, or moved from one area to another, traces (calcium, tar, glue or water) may become embedded on the car’s surfaces, affecting its luster and shine.

When you buy a new car, it has already spent a lot of time outside (in the car lot, during transportation, in the parking lot at the dealership, etc.). While it has been prepared for you, the result is often not what is desired. There may be traces of water, calcium, tar, glue or a « spider web » aspect embedded in the surface. Polyshine Innovation will give your new car a beautiful shine when you show it off to friends and family. We guarantee that you will be delighted by the results.

The lifespan of our sealing product depends on several factors such as the frequency of maintenance, parking conditions (inside or outside), the frequency of the vehicle’s use and weather conditions. The best natural waxes on the market today will remain on the vehicle for 2 months at most. They are used on vehicles prepared for shows, because they provide a very shiny coat, perfect for exhibitions with intense lighting and photos.

Our ceramic sealing product, on the other hand, has an impressive durability of at least 5 years, which allows it to maintain a glossy finish and offer protection from scratches. It can last for the vehicle’s entire lifespan if it is maintained on an annual basis.

Carnauba wax is an excellent wax that provides your vehicle with a shiny finish that may only last a few weeks. However, some aggressive factors such as the extremely hot dust from brakes, the sun’s ultraviolet rays, weather conditions and water reduce this wax’s lifespan as they cause its oils to wear off.

The ceramic sealing product has several advantages. First of all, it may be removed in order to correct a defect. Furthermore, our specialists may carry out a localized operation in order to remove any scratches and reapply the sealing product on the surface without causing any changes in colour tone.